Professional Scrum Master Simulated Exam Review

Professional Scrum Master Simulated Exam Review! Every week I receive at least one email asking me to give some extra advices to help people passing on PSM I Certification, besides the tips I already gave on my article “How to pass Professional Scrum Master I (PSM) certification test in #6 steps”.

After answered a lot of those emails I decided to look for a more complete solution on internet to help the readers.

The first solution I found in my searches was The Management Plaza PSM I Simulated Exams.

It is part of a complete bundle called Professional Scrum Master Certification Preparation Program provided by Management Plaza – The Management Certification Company.

The complete program has 4 modules: Agile and Scrum eLearning Course, The PSM I Preparation Trainning Manual Audio Book, The Scrum Master Training  Manual and finally  The PSM I Simulated Exams that will be reviewed on this article

So let’s evaluate this!


The PSM I Simulated Exams

 This module has 10 lessons that will guide you during your PSM I Preparation, as detailed bellow:

  1. Introduction to the Course: this lesson gives you a presentation of entire module and what you will learn. It’s a vision of the course.
  1. Pre-Assessment: It’s the first quiz about SCRUM so you can verify your Scrum Master knowledge. The Quiz has 12 questions to be answered in 10 minutes.
The solution compares your result againts the other people in the platform.
The solution compares your result againts the other people in the platform.


  1. Introduction to the PSM I Exam: Gives you a lot of information about the PSM exam, such as: Price, Statistics, what to do if you pass or fail, when you can retake the exam, what the exam looks like, etc.. It’s important information and makes you feel more comfortable about the possibilities.
  1. How to Study: this lesson show to you some strategies to study for the exam, concerning complementary readings besides the Scrum guide. It’s good to have a broader knowledge.
  1. Flashcards: provides flashcards that are focused on scrum roles and responsibilities, so you can easily memorize these. You can use these flashcards on your mobile or on your desktop using the Anki flashcard player.
Scrum Flash Cards
Flash Cards Example


  1. Exam Tips and Tricks: gives you at least 8 tips to succeed on the exam. It’s very focused and practical.
  1. Sample Questions: this lesson prepares you to do The Scrum Guide Open Assessment so you can get some practice using the Simulated Exams and are better prepared for the next lessons.
  1. Simulated Exam #1: It’s a simulated exam like the real one! Here we have the same environment: 80 questions in 60 minutes with the same way to answer on the real exam. Another great thing about this simulated assessment is that you learn from each question and all answers are explained.  This is like learning the complete PSM I syllabus in Question and Answers format.
PSM I Simulated Exam Question Example
Question Example with comments after finishing the Simulated Exam
  1. Simulated Exam #2: Another simulated exam like the real one! With another 80 new questions totally different in comparison with the previous Simulated Exam. Its also to be done on 60 minutes.
  1. Simulated Exam #3: The last simulated test like the real one! Others 80 new questions to be solved in 60 minutes too.
Important: each lesson can be done how many times you want. So you can practice a lot until you feel comfortable to do the PSM Exam.


My Conclusion:

The Management Plaza PSM I Simulated Exams has a lot of content, tips and more than 250 interesting questions with comments about the right answers that make you learn even with your errors.

 It gives more information, explanation and practical test experience to people who want to pass on PSM Exam.

   I think it’s a good path for those ones who:

  • Failed on the first time and now are looking for a guided study     with more material to learn and questions to practice.
  • those ones who just want to feel more confident and prepared to do the real exam as the pass rate is high : 85%


Considering what is delivered, in my opinion, the price is fair (€37), so it’s why I think this solution really worth. For more information about it program just click here.

Next month I will try other solutions and put my revision on too.

I hope you enjoy and have success with this material.

Hugs ans Peace for all.
Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena
MBA | MCP | PSM | PSPO | Business Analyst

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